Paul Turovsky

Paul Turovsky is an esteemed pro-active results-oriented real estate professional who is highly regarded by his clients and professionals in the field. Over the last 15 years he has created a proven track record representing clients with their residential and commercial acquisitions, lease obligations, asset reposition and disposition. Paul received his Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance and Investments from Baruch College in 2009 and in 2013 graduated Ave Maria School of Law with a Juris Doctorate.  He values solutions to increase effectiveness and is a cross-functional team player who specializes in applying his understanding of the market to broker various asset classes including but not limited to hospitality, multi-family, residential and commercial.

Core Competencies

Paul Turovsky is a progressive leader with demonstrated ability to think innovatively and tactically. He is recognized for his ability to create strategic business partnerships and relationships to leverage his business acumen for the benefit of his clients and partners. He maintains the following core competencies:


Commercial and Residential Real

Estate Transactions

Financial Modeling & Reporting

Risk Analysis, Management & Mitigation

Portfolio Strategy, Performance & Management

Contract and Lease Negotiation

Strategic & Capital Planning

Complex Problem Resolution

Renovation & Capital Expenditure

Analytical & Decision Making Skill

Research & Market Analysis 



Core Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement successful marketing plans to target surrounding demographics in order to fill vacant units in residential, commercial and multi-family asset types.
  • Establish professional networks with long-lasting relationships with builders, plumbers, electricians, painters, interior designers, developers, landscapers and other home improvement specialists in order to coordinate the renovation, upgrade, staging and other asset improvement projects.
  • Conduct building and unit inspections with special attention to building and fire safety while ensuring units are in optimal condition and ready for rent.
  • Maintain pivotal relationships with key personnel in on-site units,
  • Capital planning, monthly reporting, emergency management, service contract negotiation and administration as well as operations project management.
  • Maintain properties at high capacity with low turnover through on-target advertising, professional networking and excellent tenant relations
  • Turn around high delinquency rates by effectively communicating with tenants and improving process for collecting and tracking lease payments